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All Year Blend • 10oz

Uppers Blend

Brown Sugar | Cherry | Balanced

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Blended from Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffees exclusively for our shop espresso.  This is the staple behind all our specialty espresso drinks with a chocolate base, fruit notes and sweetness. 

Uppers Blend

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Jutiapa, Guatemala and Guji, Ethiopia


Washed / Natural


3,750- 5,000’ in Jutiapa and 6,300-6,750’ in Guji

The Farmer

The Recino family of Jutiapa, Guatemala are fourth-generation coffee farmers who care dearly about the health of their plants. They are in tune with their farm and continue to produce healthy yields of the coffee year after year. In rural Ethiopia, collecting large quantities of coffee isn’t so easy. This portion of the uppers blend is a combination of many small lot farmers who are only able to export small quantities of their top quality coffee carefully grown in the shade of Birbira trees in rural Guji, Ethiopia.

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    We source the best coffees in the world to fit your tastes, whether you prefer blends, delicate single origins, or smooth decaf. Fruity and floral, rich and smooth, rare and experimental it all can be automated to your home or office

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    Receive coffee weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly. We roast and ship the same day, so you can expect the finest coffees at peak freshness.

  • 3. Sit back and relax

    The only thing to consider while you wait is how you will brew it. Each coffee has filter and espresso brew guides from our world champion trainers to guide your experience. Oh yeah, and what music will be on while you brew?

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