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El Salvador Anaerobic Catura

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10oz Bag

This limited batch of direct trade coffee was found deep in the mountains of Finca Divisiadero by our friend Mauricio Silvera. The Anaerobic process used in the fermentation stages of coffee's lifecycle brings out flavors of Tart Cherry, Cocoa Nibs, and Hibiscus Tea.  (10 oz.)

This lot was carefully selected as the cherries were extra ripe and purple in color.  It then went through a 72-hour anaerobic process where oxygen is sealed and the sugar content of the bean increases. Then this low goes through a careful double selection process.  Afterward, it spends 23 days on African beds, slowly drying before 3 days drying on the patios.  

We've worked directly with Mauricio for the past 6 years and are always excited by the innovative coffees coming out of his farms in El Salvador, but this one we are especially stoked on.  We currently have a crew down at his farm right now tasting next year's crop that gets back on 3.19.2022 so be on the lookout for more exceptional coffees coming out of El Salvador.

We love the relationships we've been able to form with farmers from all over the globe, but we also LOVE this coffee.  A MUST-TRY!

El Salvador Anaerobic Catura

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The Farmer

Mauricio Salvera is a producer we have had the privilege of working with since the beginning of our company. We have learned so much from him and receive unique, top quality coffees from him each year. If you have had some of our small lot direct trade coffee in the past, you are likely familiar with “Mo”.

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