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Apricot | Clove | Fig

El Salvador - Salaverria

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The El Salvador Salaverria is a combined single origin from Mauricio Salaverria's three farms, with the majority coming from Cruz Gorda at an approximate elevation of 1500m. The coffee is processed as a honey, left to dry in a tank overnight and then soaked twice the following day to wash away 50-60% of the mucilage, resulting in a "semi" wash. Tasting notes include apricot, clove, and fig, with a smooth flavor that is more balanced than other fruitier coffees.

Mo, as he's affectionately called, is a fantastic producer from El Salvador with a long family history of farming. He experiments with various anaerobic processes and has expanded his operations to include three small farms, a washing station, African drying beds, a nursery, and a storehouse for dry coffee. We've had the pleasure of working with him for about five years now and are thrilled to offer his El Salvador Semi-Wash coffee. Additionally, we were able to provide Mo with a direct advance in bitcoin, which allowed him to invest more in this year's crop, demonstrating our commitment to supporting small lot coffee farmers.