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Ethiopia - Kossa Geshe

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Abdul runs the Kossa Geshe estate which began in 2016.  He collects coffee cherries from two neighboring zones, which are then separated by varietal and cherry quality.  The quality coming out of Kossa Geshe saw quick success winning a “Good Food Award” in 2018.  This was one of the first awards to go to a producer coming out of western Ethiopia, rivaling the southern region’s esteemed Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.  With the success, Abdul reinvested into his community by building a primary school, new dorms with solar panels, and implementing a ledger system to create wage transparency with his employees.  Abdul has eagerly taken suggestions and ideas to improve his practices, and the quality of Kossa Geshe has consistently impressed.

Ethiopia - Kossa Geshe

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Limmu Kossa in the Kebena Forest




1800 m

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