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Oaxaca Direct Trade - Wholesale

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Our 5 Year Anniversary Coffee for our Ocean Beach location, OB Beans Coffee Roasters!  We're taking it back to our first ever origin trip, Oaxaca. Notes of Pomegranate, Almond, and Fudge, this coffee is definitely an everyday routine styled cup.

Oaxaca Direct Trade - Wholesale

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La Canada, Oaxaca, Mexico





The Farmer

Oaxaca is the original origin that inspired us to pursue direct trade and specialty coffee. 7 years ago, we had the opportunity to work with and learn from Israel Paz of Ensambles Cafes before we were open as a cafe! Ensambles is an exporter in Oaxaca that works with many small lot producers and cooperatives deep in the mountains of Oaxaca. They’ve worked with the Red 5 de Deciembre network which is composed of 1,300 small indigenous producers. After battling la roya (a disease that attacks the coffee plants) for years, they have improved their selective harvesting and specialty processing, as well as earning their organic certification. We are extremely excited to once again share a coffee thats was such a huge part of our inspiration!

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    We source the best coffees in the world to fit your tastes, whether you prefer blends, delicate single origins, or smooth decaf. Fruity and floral, rich and smooth, rare and experimental it all can be automated to your home or office

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    Receive coffee weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly. We roast and ship the same day, so you can expect the finest coffees at peak freshness.

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    The only thing to consider while you wait is how you will brew it. Each coffee has filter and espresso brew guides from our world champion trainers to guide your experience. Oh yeah, and what music will be on while you brew?

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