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Punta Del Cerro - Competition Coffee

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10oz Bag

This Limited Edition coffee was bought specifically to use in the US Brewer Cup at the 2022 Coffee Championships in Boston. 

Punta Del Cerro - Competition Coffee

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This Limited Edition coffee was bought specifically to use in the US Brewer Cup at the 2022 Coffee Championships in Boston. 
Punta del Cerro is the newest farm to come under the care of Aurelio Villatoro. If you don't recognize his name, perhaps the names of his other farms, "Finca La Esperanza" and "Finca El Regalito", will ring a bell. Both farms are renowned for producing exceptional quality coffees, and have been recognized by many an international jury, and roasters around the world. It's also a well-known fact that Aurelio is one of the kindest, gentlest souls you'll ever meet, which certainly helps sweeten the deal! Punta del Cerro sits at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level near Peña Roja town in La Libertad, and is planted in Bourbon and Caturra coffee cultivars. Aurelio's family have deep coffee roots in the region and have built a network that extends well beyond the extended family. They act as representatives of smallholder coffee farmers in the region, to some extent, assisting with post-harvest processing, and working closely with international buyers who pay premium prices for high quality coffee. He and his brother Aler recently erected a wet mill in Injerto town that is set up to handle a fairly high volume of coffee during the harvest peak. They are set up with plenty of outdoor patio space, as well as an indoor drying room that at the moment is reserved for natural and honey process coffees.

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