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Holiday Trio Coffee Bundle

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This holiday bundle includes our three most popular coffees, a perfect introduction to our blends, and single origin coffee options. It’s a great gift or way to sample them for yourself. The trio is made up of our seasonal Holiday Blend, classic Uppers blend, and our direct trader El Salvador Black Honey

Holiday Blend: medium-dark roast Central & South American blend has a dark chocolate and mulled wine flavor profile. A combo of direct trade coffees from our friends Mauricio Salaverria and Diego Guardia

- Uppers: Blended from Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffees exclusively for our shop espresso.  This is the staple behind all our specialty espresso drinks with a chocolate base, fruit notes and sweetness. 

- El Salvador: The Black Honey process is a drying process where part of the cherry remains on the bean and is covered while drying. Presenting sweet, fruity undertones, and a balanced acidity with notes of graham cracker, cocoa and plum.