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Single Origin • 10oz

Ethiopia Kossa Geshe

Roast Level: Light Roast
Notes: Blackberry • White Tea • Peach Ring Candy

Grind SizeWhole Bean

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Abdul runs the Kossa Geshe estate, which began in 2016.  He collects coffee cherries from two neighboring zones, which are then separated by varietal and cherry quality.  The quality coming out of Kossa Geshe saw quick success, winning a “Good Food Award” in 2018.  This was one of the first awards for a producer from western Ethiopia, rivaling the southern region’s esteemed Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.  With this success, Abdul reinvested into his community by building a primary school, new dorms with solar panels, and implementing a ledger system to create wage transparency with his employees.  Abdul has eagerly taken suggestions and ideas to improve his practices, and the quality of Kossa Geshe has consistently impressed.

Ethiopia Kossa Geshe


About the Coffee

Ethiopia is a coffee powerhouse. It’s the birthplace of the plant, the seventh largest producing country in world, and one of the world’s leading consumers of coffee as well. Because coffee is such a vital part of the economy in Ethiopia, the government has a hand in it, making for an interesting coffee context. Ethiopia is proudly a nation that has never been colonized, and the longtime government has been from a tribal minority (the Tigray). In 2018 there was a coup that installed an Oromo president – the largest tribe in Ethiopia. Its namesake region, Oromia, sprawls awkwardly south and west from the capital city Addis Ababa – and covers the majority of coffee territory in Ethiopia.


1800 m

Tasting Notes

Blackberry • White Tea • Peach Ring Candy


Limmu Kossa in the Kebena Forest



Roast Level

Light Roast

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